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Alte, halt die Fresse und blas an meinem Holm.

Zünftig, zack zack!

Ich bin süchtig nach dieser Endorphien Explosion.

Und nur du mit deinen geilen Blaselippen kannst

es mir besorgen. Du geiles Gestell.

Jeder will dich ficken so geil siehst du aus.

Deine inneren Werte sind denen völlig egal.

Du bist und bleibst ein geiles Bumsstück.

Du machst die Menschen glücklich,

reicht dir das den nicht???

Ja, schön mit der Zunge um die Eichel streicheln.

Besorgs mir du alte Hippe!

Der Sack muss leer werden.

Und sei nicht so ordinär

wenn ich dir ins Gesicht spritz,

sparst schließlich an der Gesichtscreme,

die du dir jeden Monat bei ALDI kaufst.

Von mir aus kannst du ihn auch schlucken,

den Babybrei.

Das Protein von Millionen potenziellen Menschen,

nährt dich.

Du geile Schnalle. Du Drecksau.

Beiss ihn ab und schluck ihn runter.

Das willst du doch, du perverse Dreichlochstute.

Es tut so gut und doch so weh.


Pass doch auf.

Ja, kau mir an den Eiern, baby.

Dein Mund ist so wundervoll.

Und deine glänzenden Augen,

wenn du mich so unschuldig dabei anschaust…


Ein Urknall in meinem Gehirn.

Genau, das ist es.

Der Moment in dem ich an nichts mehr denke.

Keine Sorgen, kein garnichts.

Mein Ich ist völlig leer gespült.

Es könnte länger so sein.

Doch nach einer Minute denke ich auch schon

wieder an die Steuererklärung die ich

noch erledigen muss.



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Schreib was du Backpfeifengesicht! Krawattenmuffel!

The two of them in the basement. Three traitors captured, hanging on the wall. Wired to the electricity. John goes over to the first switch, pulls it down, the poor guy fries. Immedieately he goes to the second guy. Pulls down the lever, fries him. The two of them cry in agony. It is so painful you just want to pass out and die but the electric stream keeps you alive. Conscious. He goes over to the third guy. He is already wheeping. But no mercy to him. He has never done anything with his life anyway. John pulls down the lever and watches him in fascination. The first guy already died. He’s just hanging there like Jesus. The second guy he’s boiling but still alive. John grins, no he puts a big fat smile on his face. Why? Because it is not him and he’s getting off watching other people die and the worst agony imaginable. The second guy drops his head. He’s dead. The third guy his eyes are all bloodshot. He smells like a roast dinner. A very bad one because the electricity made his sphincter muscles relief. I shat all over the place. Not a pretty sight. But yet, John smiles like the disturbing motherfucker he is. He truly enjoys it, the sight, the sufffering. Mainly because it is not him. And he feels so powerful, like God. He knows he’ll get away with it. He knows he’s not gonna die like this. He knows he must die one day but it will be peaceful in his sleep. He’s now  unzipping his pants, pulling his dick out. He jerking off to it. The guy next to him slightly disturbed and uncomfortable but then decides to join in. It’s a jerking off contest. Who will cum on this piece of dead meat first? Who will break the record of humiliation? Is it gonna be John or the other guy we don’t know his name of? The third guy is in terrible pain. He twitches, can’t scream anymore because the electricity has burnt his vocal cords. His bowels are boiling. He just wants to die but then the stranger next to him cums on his face. The sperm is immediately vaporized. John is a little offended but then really gets into it as well. He cums on the poor guy too. Again it just vaporizes. The third guy dies. The humiliation is over and John says “I can’t believe what a sick fuck I am, I really can’t. I used to be such a nice guy. What the fuck happened to me? How did it ever come to this?”. The nameless guy next to him just shrugs and says “I dunno. I guess we’re just fucked in the head like everyone else”. John thinks about it for a second and approves his message. They both look at each other then John gives him a tongue kiss. The nameless guy seems a little puzzled but lets it go through. John backs up and says “I know, this is weird. I know this is as fucked up as can be, but what wouldn’t you do for a unique experience?”. The nameless guy just nods in agreement. “I hear what you’re saying”. John takes another look at the three elecricuted corpses that ones were tax paying human beings an says “Loyal fucks. If it weren’t for their ordinary lifestyle, they’d be standing here now and I’d be hanging there like a wet bag.” John  lightens up a cigarette, pulls his dick out and starts urinating on the dead corpses. “This is what happens. This is what happens if you are fucked up in the head. – You survive.”


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Orgasms Carefree

Fuck, don’t you just love the few seconds where you’re in that state of pure being? In the moment of an orgasm, I feel no worry, no pain, no nothing. I just don’t give a shit. It’s just the moment that counts and I totally let loose. It’s how every day should be. Carefree. Pure being.

Fuck the other shit that just brings worries and pain. Fuck that. Fuck that. All I want is to orgasm. No fucking bullshit. No ego fucking. No I’m the greatest, I’m the best. Because that’s what delusional people do. Egomaniacs are fucked in the head. They think people actually give a shit about them. Even the celebrities. They are folklore. Nobody gives a shit about you. No matter how great you are. You’re on your own. You’re in love with yourself like the rest of the planet. Whatever you do it won’t be noticed. Just be. There’s nothing else to do but just be. I am.

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